Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas for the Guy or Gal Who Has Everything

Christmas is just around the corner, and shopping days are dwindling quickly. If you haven’t figured out what to give the guy or gal on your holiday gift list, consider these last minute gift ideas designed with the practical man (or woman) in mind:

1. Heated ice scraper: If your beloved lives in a cold climate, he or she will love a heated ice scraper. These handy devices make scraping the ice off a windshield so much easier, and they are the ideal size for a stocking stuffer. Price: $10 – $20.

2. Remote car starter: For those who park outside, a remote car starter is a thoughtful gift. With a remote car starter, you can warm your car up before traveling out and about. It is not only convenient, but it is better for your car too. Price: $50 and up.

3. Roof racks (ski, snowboarding): If your loved one enjoys winter sports like snowboarding or skiing, then a roof rack or carrier is a necessity. Price: $50 and up.

4. Vehicle back-up camera: Does your husband or wife repeatedly back into things when exiting the garage? Maybe you have a garage or driveway with blind spots. Either way, a wireless, mountable vehicle back-up camera will save your vehicle from dents and scrapes. Price: $85 and up.

5. iPod car accessories: iPod car accessories like car chargers, adapters and holders are a must have for music lovers. Prices vary depending on the accessory, some as low as a few dollars.

6. Bluetooth headset: Many states are enacting laws making it illegal to drive while talking or texting on a cell phone. To protect those you love while obeying the law, buy a Bluetooth headset for easy, hands-free talking. Now available in a variety of styles, colors and sizes, prices start around $25.

7. Motorcycle care kit: Does your guy have a chopper that he loves? Does your gal prize her Harley above all else? If so, a motorcycle care kit is a practical gift. Most come with a variety of cleaners for different surfaces (chrome, leather, etc.), cleaning cloths or sponges, and can be purchased almost anywhere. Price: $25 and up.

8. Heated massage back seat cushion: When your guy or gal is playing the role of backseat driver, distract him or her with a heated massage back seat cushion. Available for as little as $20, this gift is particularly useful in colder climates or for those with achy backs.

9. Interior car accessories: If your loved one drives a lot or has a long commute, consider gifts that will make the ride a little more pleasant. He or she will think of you every time they hear their favorite CD or use their new floor mats, decorative seat covers or steering wheel cover.

10. Curb ramps: Does your favorite guy or gal have those pesky rollover curbs at home – the kind that scrape the bottom of your car or truck any time you enter or leave your driveway? If so, then a set of curb ramps are a great solution. Curb ramps improve gas mileage and save wear and tear on cars, trucks, vans, RVs, boats, golf carts and more. Price: about $300 for a standard-sized driveway, $400 for a wide driveway.

Many of these can be purchased at your local automotive store (Napa, Schuck’s, AutoZone), large discount retailers (K-Mart, Target, Wal-Mart Costco), and sometimes your local detail or body shop. Knowing your stretched for time, you might want to search online instead to see if you can have your gifts shipped in time for Christmas. Happy Holidays to you and yours – enjoy practical gifts this holiday season!

There’s still time to order your curb ramps for Christmas. Shipping is done within one business day of placing your order. Orders typically take 2 days to get to California and 5 to the East Coast. Visit us online or call 1-877-522-6611 today!