Installing and setting up your new set of Bridjit Curb Ramps!

So you realized the jostling you receive every time you enter and exit your driveway was way too much.  You found Bridjit Curb Ramps through your neighbors or google, and, finally, the box with your curb ramps has arrived!

Watch this short video (2:45) that illustrates how exactly to install your Bridjit Curb Ramp.  It’s pretty easy!

If you’d like more instructions on how to setup your new Curb Ramps go here where the instructions are broken down step by step.

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Bridjit Curb Ramps and FedEx

FedEx LogoAfter 4 years in business and shipping out to 46 states, Bridjit Curb Ramps has made a decision to utilize FedEx services for most all shipments to our customers. Handling of our 50 pound packages on a daily basis is not an easy chore and FedEx has become a proven leader in providing quality on-time services which our customers can count on. We have experienced professional customer services from the FedEx team at their service centers, on the phone, and especially with their hardworking delivery folks. We do appreciate their help in making our company successful.

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Customer Testimonial: Sandy from San Rafael, California

Sandy was tired of her and her friends cars scraping in her neighborhood’s driveways. Then, after finding Bridjit Curb Ramps on the internet, she bought a Bridjit 3 piece curb ramp and all her problems were solved! No more damage to her car, no more embarrassing apologies to friends stopping by, no more anxiety from getting jarred around by her large rolled curb.

If you’d like to buy Bridjit Curb Ramps for your rolled curb issues, click here!

If you’d like to learn more about Bridjit Curb Ramps, click here!

“Faster Does It” by Kevin MacLeod (

Another Satisfied Customer!

We just received this email from Mike, a recently new customer of Bridjit Curb Ramps.

Thanks for your help a few days ago when I came by and purchased 5 segments for my home.

Setting up was super easy, and took little time at all.  Think I was done with the whole operation in less than 30 minutes.

Now the neighbors are admiring your great products. One of them stated that he has been into the dealer 3 times to repair his chin spoiler, at $300 per visit, just for painting.  He’s scratching his head now, as he could have avoided all that by having your curbs.

So, hope you will be seeing a few more sales from my neighborhood.

Regards, Mike

Thanks for writing in Mike!  Much appreciated!  Learn more about Bridjit Curb Ramps or Contact us with any good experiences you’ve had with Bridjit.

Keeping the Green Going


Haven’t you sometimes wondered what happens to all those old tires you throw out? Unfortunately, the answer is often, “not much.” As many as 275 million of them wind up stockpiled at any given time. But if those of us at Bridjit had our way, they would all be reborn as Bridjit ramps!

At Bridjit, it’s always Earth Day. We don’t feel we should be environmentally conscious one day in April; rather, it’s a year-round commitment. Every Bridjit rubber curb ramp set represents 12 passenger tires that have been productively recycled. Says Bridjit Ramp’s founder/president John Curry, “Bridjit is proud to help reduce this environmental problem and lead our country’s sustainability efforts.”

Here’s how it’s done:

  • A tire recycling operation reduces scrap tires to small chips, removing all the fiber and wire.
  • The chips are ground into a fine powder known as crumb rubber.
  • This rubber is used to make products from fitness mats, to playground flooring, to Bridjit ramps.




Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Your Car Lover

Merry Christmas to the Car Lover(s) in your life!

A few years ago we posted this article on our top 10 auto-related Christmas gifts for the man (or woman) who has everything. If you’ve got someone in your life who lives his or her vehicles, then be sure to check out this December 2008 post.

Briefly, those items are:

  1. Emergency tire repair kit
  2. Car care kits
  3. Auto accessories
  4. Roof racks
  5. Garage storage
  6. Specialty tools
  7. GPS
  8. Vehicle service packages (car wash, detailing, etc.)
  9. Vehicle battery tester
  10. Auto curb ramps from Bridjit

For the complete post, visit this page.

Made in the USA from recycled tires.

Bridjit Curb Ramps

Bridjit Curb Ramps are EASY to install!

Prospective customers always ask us if our Bridjit curb ramps are easy to install. The answer is “yes!” This brief instructional video (2:45 minutes) will show you just how easy it is to install your new auto ramp set in minutes. You’ll need a minimum of time and tools, and you are ready to go!

Still have questions? Call us TODAY – we want to help!

Made in the USA from recycled tires.

Bridjit Curb Ramps

No more jolting, jarring or scraping!

Whether you have an expensive car or truck, classic hot rod or vintage vehicle, you want to protect your investment for years to come. This includes taking good care of your vehicle as well as ensuring that your driveway surface makes a smooth transition between the street and your driveway. Our standard three-piece Bridjit curb ramp set is just what you need. For under $300, you can protect your car, truck, boat, RV, cycle or golf cart from daily wear and tear from repeated use. With our curb ramps, there will be no more jolting, jarring or scraping your vehicle. Instead, you can sail smoothly into and out of your driveway, safeguarding your vehicle, passengers and cargo long into the future.

To learn more about Bridjit auto curb ramps and how they work, visit our website’s FAQ page.

Made in the USA from recycled tires.

Bridjit Curb Ramps

Auto curb ramps are affordable and easy-to install!

Once you’ve made the decision to purchase auto curb ramps to bridge the gap between your street and driveway, you probably want to know if our curb ramps are easy to install. Our customers tell us “yes” every time. In fact, they are so easy to install, you only need the instructions, your Bridjit auto ramp kit, the provided bolts and five additional tools – a hammer, flat-blade screwdriver, broom, dust pan and a short board. With two people to snap the pieces in place, the curb ramps install in just minutes so you can begin using them immediately.

Click here for our easy installation instructions.

Made in the USA from recycled tires.

Bridjit Curb Ramps

Rolled curbs are not just a nuisance – they are damaging too!

Does your driveway have a rolled curb? Then you are damaging your vehicle – and possibly your back and neck – every time you enter your driveway. Fortunately, there’s an affordable solution. For $299, you can purchase a three-piece standard Bridjit auto curb ramp set to bridge the gap between the street and your driveway. Made from recycled crumb rubber, these curb ramps are ideal for low threshold vehicles and they are easy to install.

Watch this informative video for a brief demo.

Made in the USA from recycled tires.

Bridjit Curb Ramps

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