Customer Testimonial: Chel Jump-Woodford

Chel was nice enough to leave the follow testimonial on our Facebook page:

I LOVE my ramps!! It has made my family’s life easier too!   My Optima & my son’s Cobalt do not scrape the driveway, and my other son’s vintage caddy is able to get into the driveway. The Caddy’s first attempt into the driveway caused damaged to the front end. Now he is able to pull the car into the driveway with ease.

I had spine surgery six months ago and if it hadn’t been for my ramps I would have had a hefty walk (with a walker ) up the curb and driveway to the house from the hospital. (And I honestly feel my recovery time was minimized because I didn’t have the impact on my spine of the jolt getting in and out of the driveway).

Delivery truck drivers like them too – they can pull into my driveway to drop off packages without worrying about damaging their tires. When we have truck loads of landscaping materials to be delivered we move the ramps to another curb location to access the back yard and the trucks dump our material right on our property.

Our neighbors – they have to wheel barrel loads of material from the cul-de-sac where their deliveries sit because of a previous attempt resulting in a dump truck blowing a tire trying to enter their driveway.

These are a no brainer, I don’t know why I don’t see more people with them!

Bridjit is now selling driveway curb ramps to 46 states!

Bridjit Curb Ramps is now selling to 46 states!At Bridjit Curb Ramps we are very happy to say that  we are now selling out to 46 states across the United States!  This proves that a major dillemma is happening across the US – We’ve now estimated that  there are 9 million rolled curb driveways across the United States and that number is growing!

If you’re getting bumped while entering your driveway, if you continually damaging the undercarriage of your car just pulling home after a long day of work, if you have a beautiful, low-slung car that just doesn’t work with your driveway – Feel free to learn more about Bridjit Curb Ramps to help with your bumpy curb!

The Rolled Curb Issue.

Bridjit Curb Ramps work great with classic Cars!A good portion of the North American housing developments built after 1980 utilized a less expensive rolled curb and gutter which in turn provides what was thought to be an acceptable driveway entry, without having to plan ahead for the driveway location. These rolled curbs were built to save the developers money and in concept was not a bad idea, just not a good design that would accommodate today’s lower slung cars and low profile tires.

It is estimated that over 9 million rolled curb driveway entries exist in the U.S. and Canada, and in most all cases can cause expensive vehicle damage and even physical injury to the occupants. In addition, wheels can be bent and steering component damaged, directly impacting wheel alignment, which in turn causes excess tire wear and increased fuel consumption. These rolled curbs seem like a great idea, but to who? Certainly not us.

Bridjit’s curb ramp was invented by John Curry after he purchased a home with a rolled curb driveway. “My neighbors and I experienced the daily annoyance of being jostled each time I entered or exited my driveway,” said Curry, the president and owner of Bridjit Curb Ramps Inc. “Instead of paying for an expensive modification to my driveway entry, ($2500 to $6000), my concept was to develop a low-impact, low cost driveway solution that would provide homeowners with a lower impact entry and exiting experience.”

Bridjit Curb Ramps are great Driveway Ramps

Made in the USA from recycled tires, Bridjit Curb Ramps are a high-quality “green” solution designed to help homeowners reduce the jolting and jarring that occurs when entering a driveway with a rolled curb entry and to eliminate underside vehicle damage. It is ideal for any type of vehicle, and particularly for enthusiasts with luxury, sports and classic cars, trailers, RV’s, converted vans, motorcycles, golf carts or other vehicles with a low underside clearance or an extended overhang. These affordable ramps are simple to install and come in four foot modular sections that allow segmenting around cul-de-sacs,fit any width driveway, and are bolted together, not to the concrete.

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Bridjit Curb Ramps Celebrates 4 years in Business!

We are extremely excited to announce that we are now celebrating 4 years in business!  A lot has happened!  We are now members of The Better Business Bureau, and SEMA (Specialty Equipment Marketing Association) which is one of the largest automobile after market organizations in the world.

We are now selling out to 46 states, 3 Canadian Provinces, and Puerto Rico.

We are on many social media channels – Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and we are always updating our Youtube Page with new videos and testimonials.

We are coming out with a new product that is a variation on our existing design, which will be a pair of 2ft long ramps that can be used for temporary ramps and stored in the truck or the car if need be. This variation should be on the market within 30 days.

We have a referral program that has been initiated for past customers of that allows them to share their results with neighbors and be compensated with a $25 gift card for every set of ramps purchased by their friends or neighbors. They can sign up for the referral program at

We’d like to take this time to thank EVERYONE for their love and support, it’s our loyal customers that keep us in this business and we thank you!  Cheers to 4 more years!

Bridjit has used 38,000 recycled tires in our curb ramps!

Dead tyres

Old, used tires are a large problem in our landfills because of their large quantities and they take up so much valuable space.  There are approximately 270 million old tires added to the US land fill each year.  Tire dumps are also know to harbor vermin and mosquitoes, creating unsafe health conditions.  Due to heavy metals and a series of other pollutants, dumped tires can leech into groundwater, again affecting the help of our communities.

At Bridjit, we are very happy to say we have now recycled 38,000 tires in the production of our curb ramps.  We decided to use old rubber tires over other available recycled products because of their never-ending supply, their durability, and the great problems they create in our communities – we wanted to get them out of the landfills and put them to good use!

We use Crumb rubber, old tires processed to remove steel and fluff, to create a granular material that provides flexibility for manufacturing and the durability we all know from using tires on our cars.  It’s really a great product.  The crump rubber provides the ability to adjust the density for durability and weight needed to keep our ramps in place without having to bolt them down.

We’re excited to be able to create a great product while still being great stewards for our environment.

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Bridjit Curb Ramps and FedEx

FedEx LogoAfter 4 years in business and shipping out to 46 states, Bridjit Curb Ramps has made a decision to utilize FedEx services for most all shipments to our customers. Handling of our 50 pound packages on a daily basis is not an easy chore and FedEx has become a proven leader in providing quality on-time services which our customers can count on. We have experienced professional customer services from the FedEx team at their service centers, on the phone, and especially with their hardworking delivery folks. We do appreciate their help in making our company successful.

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Stop Bottoming Out!

Did you know that most housing developments built in North America after 1980 were built with roll-over curb driveways? You may have felt the bottom of your car scrape along the pavement as you drive over them. Bridjit Curb Ramps has effectively designed a high-quality, green solution, that ends the the jarring and underside vehicle damage that occurs from roll-over curb driveways.

Made in the USA,  Bridjit helps prevent damage to human backs, tire rims, and tires. As a high-quality green solution, it significantly cuts the tire waste even further by using recycling tires.

The Bridjit solution is inexpensive, easy to install, and ideal for cars, trucks, SUVs, boats, golf carts, RVs or any type of vehicle.

Bridjit sold in 42 states!

We are proud to have sold Bridjit auto curb ramps to car owners in 42 states in the U.S.! To hear what our customers are saying about our innovative, environmentally-friendly products, visit our testimonials page.

Here’s just a sample from Carol, a satisfied Bridjit customer:

“I researched several brands of driveway curb ramps before deciding to purchase a set of the Bridjit ramps. We are extremely pleased with our decision as to the QUALITY of construction and the ease of installation on our “curved” driveway. Having these ramps makes life so much easier…no more jarring when coming and going in our 40-foot motorhome, van, or cars. Not only do we love them, but our daily newspaper deliverer appreciates them too as does FedEx and UPS.”

Made in the USA from recycled tires.

Bridjit Curb Ramps

Visit Bridjit @ SEMA: Nov. 2 – 5

We are excited to attend the upcoming SEMA Show in Las Vegas from November 2 – 5. This show is the premier automotive specialty products trade event in the world! With more than 100,000 industry leaders from 100+ countries, this year’s show promises to be fantastic.

If you will be attending SEMA, be sure to stop by our booth. You can find us in Central Hall, upper deck at Booth 20658.

Made in the USA from recycled tires.

Bridjit Curb Ramps

94% Satisfaction with Bridjit Curb Ramps

We at Bridjit auto curb ramps recently completed an online customer satisfaction survey. We were delighted to learn that our customers were satisfied with their Bridjit curb ramps 94% of the time. That’s hard to beat.

To find out how our discounted curb ramps can reduce the jar to your car, visit us online TODAY!

Made in the USA from recycled tires.

Bridjit Curb Ramps