Driveways Scraping Cars Youtube Compilation

When people call us and tell us about just what their driveways do to their cars, we are always astounded.  A quick search on YouTube clearly shows that this problem happens everywhere with all kinds of cars.  First watch this Ferrari that goes up on 3 wheels just to back out!  Crazy!

What kills us in this next video, is the owner anticipates the scrape – it obviously happens EVERYTIME!  What a beautiful car to not do anything about his driveway…

This next video, the car physically can’t even make it out!  Needs a helpful push, requiring two people to get out of a driveway.

Just the sound in this next video makes us cringe!  What about you?

Thankfully there is a solution!  Check out this user submitted video of how nicely our Curb Ramps work!

And Finally all the details on Bridjit Curb Ramps.  Learn more about our Driveway Ramp solution or are you tired of scraping your car, go straight to our purchasing page.

If you’d like more information, feel free to find us on Facebook or Twitter.  For videos, check out our YouTube page.



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