Customer Testimonial: Chel Jump-Woodford

Chel was nice enough to leave the follow testimonial on our Facebook page:

I LOVE my ramps!! It has made my family’s life easier too!   My Optima & my son’s Cobalt do not scrape the driveway, and my other son’s vintage caddy is able to get into the driveway. The Caddy’s first attempt into the driveway caused damaged to the front end. Now he is able to pull the car into the driveway with ease.

I had spine surgery six months ago and if it hadn’t been for my ramps I would have had a hefty walk (with a walker ) up the curb and driveway to the house from the hospital. (And I honestly feel my recovery time was minimized because I didn’t have the impact on my spine of the jolt getting in and out of the driveway).

Delivery truck drivers like them too – they can pull into my driveway to drop off packages without worrying about damaging their tires. When we have truck loads of landscaping materials to be delivered we move the ramps to another curb location to access the back yard and the trucks dump our material right on our property.

Our neighbors – they have to wheel barrel loads of material from the cul-de-sac where their deliveries sit because of a previous attempt resulting in a dump truck blowing a tire trying to enter their driveway.

These are a no brainer, I don’t know why I don’t see more people with them!

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