Curb ramps – a great gift for the man who has everything!

It’s mid-November and many of you are thinking of what to buy for your boyfriends, husbands, fathers and brothers for the holidays. If your beloved has a car, truck, motorcycle, or recreational vehicle of any kind and is also cursed with rollover-style curbs at the entry of their driveway, he’ll love Bridjit Curb Ramps! These affordable, easy-to-install driveway curb ramps will help your man drive safely and smoothly over your driveway’s curb, saving wear and tear on his vehicle. For only $299 for the initial set of 3-4ft. ramps (12ft) , plus shipping, you can surprise your guy this holiday season with a gift that will last longer than any tie, cologne or remote caddy. Order by December 1, 2008 at to ensure holiday delivery.

Made in the USA from recycled tires.

Bridjit Curb Ramps

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